Chicken Stir-fry



1 tablespoon oil
800g chicken breast or thigh boneless, cut into cube
1 ​​carrot, sliced
1 onion, cut into strips, separete each layer
1 cup diced peppers [red, green, yellow]
1 tablespoon cornstarch
2 teaspoons White miso seasoning
1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons ketchup
1/2 cup cashew nuts, chopped
Salt, pepper sauce and chopped chives to taste


Heat a large pan with oil and brown the chicken pieces over medium heat. Add the sliced ​​carrots, onion petals, the pepper into cubes and saute for 3 minutes. Dissolve the cornstarch, and White miso seasoning in water, mix the ketchup. Add the dissolved, stirring until thickened sauce. Add the chopped cashews, salt. Serve hot.